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Construction 4.0 is a reference to the fourth industrial revolution specific to the construction industry. It encompasses the increasing rate of digitisation of the construction industry and how such transformation is changing the landscape of infrastructure, real estate and other built assets and how they are being designed, constructed, operated and maintained. For Malaysia, this dawn of the digital construction era is welcomed and propelled by the Construction 4.0 Strategic Plan 2021-2025.



Transform the Malaysian Construction industry by empowering smart construction for future industry

*What Is smart construction? Smart construction is building design, construction and operation that through collaborative partnerships fully utilise digital technologies and industrialised manufacturing techniques to improve productivity, minimise whole life cost, improve sustainability and maximise user benefits. (Construction Leadership Council, 2018)



To be the leading Construction 4.0 country in the Southeast Asian Region

This vision statement aims to support digital transformation in Malaysia for the construction industry. Combined with the country’s experience and digitalised ecosystem, it is expected that Malaysia will become a hub for digital transformation for the construction industry. This digital hub would be able to create a network among Southeast Asian members across disciplines to jointly discuss, develop and execute construction strategies towards digital transformation. The multiconnected efforts will benefit industry participants and prepare the region for this revolution.

The Shared Prosperity Vision 2030 (SPV 2030) has set the vision for Malaysia’s sustainable development pathway, which emphasised on equitable economic distribution, inclusive at every level of the supply chain, ethnicity and geographical divide in order to create a sense of harmony and political stability among Malaysians.

The Malaysian construction industry continues to play an important role in the economic growth of the country, as well as facilitating the development of socioeconomics of the society at large. Supported by strong fundamentals, the Malaysian economy is projected to remain resilient despite the world economic uncertainties.

Strategic mover of the future : Continuation of CITP

The Ministry of Works through the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) has initiated the Construction 4.0 Strategic Plan (2021-2025) as the next step in the national construction industry transformation progress after the successful completion of the Construction Industry Transformation Programme (CITP) 2016-2020. Previously, CITP is focused at transforming initiatives through four strategic thrusts; Quality, Safety &Professionalism, Sustainability, Productivity and Internationalisation and Competitiveness. Whereas the Construction 4.0 Strategic Plan (2021-2025) is focused on the digital technology as a central role in Quality, Safety, Sustainability, Productivity and Competitiveness in the national construction industry.

For more info on Construction 4.0 and its affiliated initiatives by CIDB, visit or reach out via CIDB Careline at +603-55673300.

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