Ignite Ingenuity Transformingthe Industry with Construction4.0

As a dominant industry in the national economic growth, the construction industry has statistically demonstrated significant relationship with the future of the nation. Nonetheless, due to the rapid rate of globalization and the ever-escalating geopolitical turmoil, the industry is constantly challenged and will depend on innovative techniques smart industrial processes, digitalisation, automation and skilled workforce.


Malaysia's Ingenuous Answer To the Challenge


Helmed by the Construction Industry Board (CIDB) in rising to the challenge, the national construction industry shift towards the radical process changes; adopting digital technologies with the Construction 4.0 Strategic Plan (2021-2025) as the catalytic front. Other industry stakeholders assume their roles and responsibilities in quadruple helix innovation in the implementation of Construction 4.0 Strategic Plan.

Roles and Responsibilities of Government, Industry, Academia and Society in Implementing Construction 4.0 (2021-2025)

The Four Strategic Thrusts


The whole range of construction process, from the production of building materials and components, professional services, construction processes on-site, and operations and management, contribute extensively to the realization of the vision and mission of Construction 4.0; The following strategic thrusts are defining the integrated maneuverer of the stakeholders of the industry.


Building Capacity


Eyeing to mitigate the case of inadequate highly skilled local workforce, the national construction industry stakeholders sought to develop and deliver Construction 4.0awareness and programme for the younger generations, enrolling them into apprenticeship and enhanced skills programme for construction supply chain towards Construction 4.0 implementation consisting of Training module and competency.


Excellence Research, Innovation, Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship (RICE)


Of utmost importance is a collaborative initiatives between the industry, academia and administrative bodies in producing impactful research portfolio with potential to move towards an applied approach. with significant roles assumed by RICE in Construction 4.0,efforts to offer attractive incentive to encourage the sustainability of the RICE programme is essential, on top of the optimal utilization of high-impact R&D output in technology innovation for commercialisation and the creation of financial mechanism to fund the R&D activities.


Smart Integrated Technology, Innovation and Infrastructure


Changes to the traditional way of construction is an inevitable collateral as we move forward towards the future, and complex tools, powerful infrastructure networks and reliable security networks are ever more required. Thus, improvement of multi-stakeholder partnership to enhance the infrastructure of Construction 4.0 needs to be in place, alongside with the enforcement of new technology implementation for local companies, incentives for Construction 4.0 innovation scheme to encourage early implementation and adoption, as well as strengthening existing legislation, policies, guidelines and policies for a holistic digital construction ecosystem via strategical workforce planning.


Enhanced Business Environment


Sustainable business development strategy allows the national construction industry stakeholders to create strong relationships with potential partners to generate revenue; enhancing business environments should starts by identifying symbiotic customers and partnerships, building relationships and developing solutions that could conjure equitable and mutual terms.

Strategic thrusts highlighted will drive the digital transformation for the construction industry. The primary focus of these key focus areas will be supported by four (4) enablers as the foundation for this transformation process. Each of the key focus are as hold different number of strategic priorities.

Collective ingenuity through collaborative spirit


The Ministry of Works through the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) are tirelessly paving a sustainable future of the national construction industry, rallying the industry stakeholders through various initiatives and assistances to scale up to the desired success as defined in their vision and mission of Construction 4.0. Albeit the process is enduringly challenging and prone to difficult corners, all parties must keep moving forward with their efforts and persistence, as the outcomes are not only impactful to the future of the national construction industry but at a larger scale to the future of Malaysia.


For more info on Construction 4.0 and its affiliated initiatives by CIDB, visit or reach out via CIDB Careline at +603-55673300.

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