Maintaining Industrial Integrity with IBS Score

Evidently, the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) continuously emphasizeson the need to shift from labor-intensive activities to technology-intensive activities by the national construction industry. Over the years, coherent with the intention is the measures to safeguard the industrial integrity and quality of construction works. Instandardizing the measurement on the usage of the Industrialised Building System (IBS) innational construction projects, the Manual for IBS Content Scoring System (IBS Score) wasformulated in 2005.

Since then, several revisions to IBS were published in keeping abreast to the developmentof technologies, policies and business environment as well as in consideration on inputfrom the construction industry stakeholders. Essentially, IBS Score stands as the measurement of standards for IBS-based construction projects through systematic and structured assessment system. It is fundamentally intended to provide complete guidance to industry professionals to evaluate IBS scoring in construction projects.

CIDB Malaysia publishes this latest edition of the Manual, CIS 18: 2018. This 2018 edition of IBS Score Manual replaces CIS 18:2010.

Principles of IBS Score

Points are awarded based on the IBS Factors of the structural and wall elements used. The presence of high repetitiveness in the design as well as other simplified construction solutions shall also contribute to the total score. The points are summed up to give the IBS Score of the building. The IBS Scoring System relies on the composition of a number of attributes :

The method of determining the IBS Score is designed to be a simple but effective process.

The IBS Score for a whole project development that consists of a group of buildings can also be calculated. IBS Score can be applied to all new residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and other building projects.

IBS Score for the whole project development

IBS Content Scoring System

Whilst the maximum IBS Score for a building is 100 points, there are minimum values ofthis score for public and private projects as specified by CIDB in the IBS Score Manual.

The calculation is based on a predetermined standard formula that comprises three major parts, namely Score for Structural Systems (maximum 50 points), Score for Wall Systems (maximum 20 points) and Score for Other Simplified Construction Solutions (maximum 30points).

The IBS Score Formula applicable in calculating overall IBS Scoring for construction projects.

Moving forward, policy recommendations on the implementation of IBS Score within the national construction industry suggested a minimum level of IBS Score as one of the prerequisites vis-à-vis builders, real estate developers and contractors, particularly from the private sector for issuance of Development Order (DO), Certificates of Completion andCompliance (CCCs) and/or Certificates of Practical Completion (CPCs), project financing applications from financial institutions as well as for compliance with environmental sustainability ratings and requirements.

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