IBS: Perfection in Prefabrication 

Industrialized Building System or IBS is a term used to refer to various pre-fabricated construction methods. IBS components are constructed separately beforehand, and they are assembled on-site afterwards.

Varying scale and size of components, from wall-sections to full-scale building floor are constructed separately in a controlled environment, and later assembled to form a full-fledged building or facility.

Speed, efficiency and flexibility. These are the features accentuating IBS as one of the measures by CIDB to catalyze the growth of the national construction industry.

Ascend the Future of Construction with CIDB IBS

Since officially mandated in 2008, adoption and implementation of IBS in the national construction industry is witnessing bright future, and the industry stakeholders are dutifully shouldering the work to further garner the true benefits of IBS. To date, there are more than 300 Malaysian IBS manufacturers that are registered with CIDB, and the number is growing everyday.

With the national construction industry being one of the central industry to the Twelfth Malaysia Plan (2021-2025), all parties must cultivate greater attention in all aspects of the industry, particularly in the work and product quality, qualifications and competencies of worker, contractor and manufacturers within the industry.

At the core of its purpose, CIDB is mandated to foster sustainable and scalable growth of the national construction industry. CIDB shoulder the responsibility in training and certifying the industry players in order to preserve sustainable growth of the IBS-based industry in the country. It is fervently hoped that the supply for trained and certified manufacturers, contractors and installers is adequately accommodating to the demand of the industry. CIDB welcomes you to leverage the limitless potential of IBS and forge a collaborative future together

Rethink Construction

Conventional construction methods will soon be completely replaced with IBS methods. Among many other competitive advantages in comparison to the conventional construction methods, IBS offers :-

Significant improvement of productivity rate

IBS accelerates the construction productivity rates of up to 10.4 sq. ft. per man-day. The conventional construction methods commonly achieves up to 2.3 sq. ft. per man-day.

Sustainable and climate-friendly

A favourable Green Building Index (GBI) is achievable through the use of IBS. Carbon footprint is proven to be reduced in buildings constructed with IBS.

Optimized resources allocation

The adoption of IBS in any construction results in shorter project delivery times and higher overall work quality.

Mandated and Incentivized

Mandated at both the Federal and State levels, IBS businesses are also granted several incentives such as investment tax and import duty exemptions.

Learn More About IBS

CIDB IBS is intensively advocating for the gradual adoption of IBS by the national industry stakeholders. Learn More about IBS with CIDB IBS here.


With IBS Centre as the venue to accelerate the progress of the national construction industry even further, CIDB offers:-

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