Mark of Quality Workmanship

Standardized per in Construction Industry Standard (CIS 7:2021) as base quality requirement for the construction industry, QLASSIC is an independent assessment and evaluation.

Quality, Safety & Professionalism

The prerequisites in transforming the national construction industry into a responsible and developed industry are quality, safety and professionalism. As such, QLASSIC embodies the requirement to increase emphasis on quality, improve workplace safety and workers' amenities and improve ease of doing business by addressing regulatory constraints.

Since its inception, the average national QLASSIC Score saw a rose from 69% in 2014 to 72% in 2020, signifying increased inclination of quality of workmanship among the industry stakeholders.

Through a scoring system, QLASSIC objectively compare and assess quality of workmanship in construction projects.

Parameter of Excellence

QLASSIC is designed as:

A standard quality assessment system for workmanship quality

A benchmark on the quality of workmanship of the construction industry

Data compilation for statistical analysis

Criterion for the evaluation on workmanship quality

Assessment of workmanship quality based on the relevant approved standard


CIDB is intensively advocating for the gradual adoption of QLASSIC by the national industry stakeholders. Learn More about QLASSIC here.


QLASSIC enables the quality of workmanship in construction project to be objectively measured through a scoring system. Learn more about QLASSIC here.

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