myBIM Centre

myBIM Centre is a one-stop center for BIM programs supported by CIDB Malaysia. The facility includes a seminar hall, BIM lab, BIM studio, and Showcase hall, all of which are well equipped and up to date. 


The Construction Industry Transformation Programme (CITP) was developed to address the issues in the industry and also to enact a transformation of the industry into one which is modern and updated. Central to this the CITP’s aim to become the catalyst for generating a succession of interlinked multiplier effects on a host of sectors, to help transform Malaysia to be a developed nation with a sustainable high-income economy.

The CITP is only the first step in transforming the construction industry; the successful interdependence among the various ministries and agencies is paramount for the sustainability of Malaysia’s long-term goals. Once we overcome this inertia of who, what when, where and how to start, this will lay the strong foundations for different ministries and agencies to interlink and pull their sources and expertise to help in this mission-critical national effort.

In line with the implementation of the CITP, CIDB collaborates with myBIM centre are initiating to provide the Building Information Training (BIM) which is called as BIM Modelling. This program is mainly targeting the industry player such as Contractors, Architect, Engineer, Surveyor etc. to learn the process of implementing the BIM process including the usage of tools and managing the construction site by using the knowledge of BIM.


To find out more about the myBIM Centre, you can contact us at and +603 4040 0399. 


Alternatively, visit us at Level 11, Sunway Putra Tower, Kuala Lumpur during its hours of operation (Monday to Friday: 9:00a.m - 5:00p.m).







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