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Implementation of BIM at Project Level

The objective of implementing BIM on a project level is to improve the quality, efficiency and safety through:-

  1. To improve the accuracy of design information. The accuracy of building design can be improved and design problems and conflicts between Architects, Civil Engineers and M&E can be resolved before the building was built. This can speed up the construction process.
  2. To build a 3D visual model for building and all the problems during construction can be detected much earlier and will save construction costs.
  3. To prepare the informational building model. With this preparation, any corrections or changes in design can be made earlier than that, any overlap between the disciplines of layout drawings can be detected.
  4. Facilities Management
    The use of BIM can help system maintenance building (building life cycle). Any damage to building equipment can be replaced easily through the system information stored in the building BIM projects. This is to facilitates the maintenance of the building and hence to reduce maintenance costs.

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