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National BIM Library is a free tool to help facilitate construction industry players to adopt BIM approach. It has the potential to simplify the relevant consultant to develop a BIM model using the available online components and platforms. National BIM Library is a rich object library with multi-discipline 3D objects ready to be downloaded and used by BIM designers. The library is structured and interactive to allow architects, consultants, engineers and designers familiar with the layout of object library and online portals to quickly find, download and use the objects for their 3D construction design. National BIM Library holds more than 10,000 objects from IBS precast and connectors to kitchen sinks and medical surgery trays. Users can browse to know more information about this system.

It is in line with the national aspiration to keep up with global trends, myBIM Library provides a platform to embrace the Fourth Industrial Solution or IR 4.0, converging technologies such as of Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Digitization. Essentially, this is the future of construction and manufacturing design and, we are here to facilitate your next big step into a revolutionary world of digital design and marketing.

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More than 10,000 of BIM Products for the use of construction industries.

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