National BIM e-Submission

National BIM e-Submission (NBeS) is a CIDB initiative aimed at implementing BIM technology within local PBTs in tandem with other CIDB BIM implementations. NBeS is a first-of-its-kind Auto Checker system for the review and approval of Building Plans at the Local Authority (PBT) approval level, involving digital building plan submission and review. 3D BIM models are used instead of the traditional method of reviewing Uniform Building By-Law (UBBL) compliance and other related regulations. The system makes use of OpenBIM technology, and all processes are completed online. Several engines have been developed in this system to generate reports, 3D rendering for 3D display, and ruleset management (UBBL, MS, UUK) for local government use. The 3D model that was uploaded, as well as the review results, can be viewed directly in the web browser.

NBeS Collaboration

Putrajaya Corporation (PPj), Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ), Kangar Municipal Council (MPK), Historic Melaka City Council (MBMB), and North Kuching City Hall (DBKU) collaborated on the program, which began in 2017. To date, four Purpose Groups have contributed to the system's development: Purpose Group I (Small Residential), Purpose Group III (Other Residential), Purpose Group IV (Office), and Purpose Group V. (Shop). In 2018, the NBeS was expanded to include the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department's (JBPM) UBBL for Safety and Fire Protection requirements for automatically reviewing Building Plan approval.

Improving BIM technology skills is critical at this time so that the Malaysian government's intention to use BIM processes in construction projects can be realized and help increase construction industry productivity. The use of cutting-edge application systems and technologies can also help to improve construction site management and address related issues.

The recent spread of the Covid-19 epidemic has prompted the adoption of new social and economic norms. The construction industry is the most affected, and it requires immediate attention to address this critical situation. Furthermore, the Malaysian construction industry is frequently plagued by issues such as low productivity and quality, inadequate compliance with laws and regulations at construction sites, high accident rates at construction sites, and poor site management.

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